Running Your First Fitness Facility

So you’ve been doing the personal training thing for a while now; you’re a rock star at it, and you have decided you want to start your own exercise facility. After all, there is a lot to enjoy about the idea:

  • Be your own boss
  • Run your own gym center
  • Create your own rules
  • Work when you want
  • Keep All of Your hard earned money
  • Sounds like a dream? Not so fast!

I’ve colleagues and interns inform me all the time their objective is to start their own fitness facility. While I admire their ambition, I can not help but think — slow down, have a step back and let’s first think about it.

Now do not get me wrong, owning your own company is awesome and being your own boss definitely has its advantages.

However there are all those small things that many don’t believe or take into consideration, and before they know if they are burnt out and close up the shop earlier than was planned.

Let’s look at some things to think about and understand before you make that leap. These are a few things I wish I fully comprehended before I opened my own gym and hopefully my errors can assist you until you begin your own fitness facility.

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The Checklist

1. Business Plan — Before you begin your own fitness facility, you definitely need this. It’s the backbone of any company, and it needs to entail a ton of details to make sure this decision will be for the best. Ensure that your business plan comprises the following.

Research — You gain quite a lot of knowledge is a private training center as a gym facility, but are you an expert in your area on all things fitness? Is there a popular niche in the area, what will you bill, what locations are available, what’s the competition, what’s the upstart costs? All of these are preliminary questions that have to be attended to.

Mission Statement — Just like business IT support, which is mandatory for all modern company, every company needs a mission statement which will guide their doctrine through each choice.

2. Money — It requires a reasonable amount of cash to begin your own fitness facility. Not only is fitness equipment expensive, but in addition the concealed here and their expenses add up very fast.

Here are two tips for you off the bat.

One, whatever costs you develop with, whether it be overall startup costs or monthly costs — add another $500 to get a total startup and $100 to monthly expenditures. Surprise expenses like toilet paper holders may pop up, therefore have some built-in space to accommodate them. If you had a website built, remember that there will be expenses associated with small business web design.

Two, you need to have 2-months of savings that can cover expenses upfront. This gives you some leeway through the initial months and leaves you ready for hidden expenses or potential down periods.

Here are some costs that you need to consider:

Rent — This will likely be your biggest expense when you start your own exercise facility, and on that note are you going to rent or own? Each will bring unique expenses.

Utilities — Electricity, gas, water, town, internet, cable, garbage services are common utilities that can add $300-1,000 a month to your expenses. Make sure that you factor these in and proceed when planning for them. Insurance and Liability — You are going to NEED this and it is not affordable.

Floors — Whether it be stained flooring or carpet this price can run anywhere from $2-5 a week. Outfitting a space even as little as 1,500 sq/ft can run you a pretty penny.

LLC, S-Corp, or comparable — Another annual cost that you NEED to have and depending on where you’ve found this can be hundreds of dollars for program and yearly fees.

Office Supplies — Depending on your gym facility you’re going need numerous office supplies. Things such as benches, desks, printer, garbage bins, whiteboards, picture frames, posters, mini fridge, towels, business cards, etc.. Also do not forget the design and development for a web site, should you plan to have any. These can accumulate very quickly into one big bill if you are not ready.

3. Many Hats — If people ask what I do, it is trendy to say I have my own company and get to coach athletes daily. While it’s fantastic to call myself a small business owner and coach, in reality, it’s only a little portion of my job description.

Should you start your own fitness facility, understand you’ll be in charge of a ton of additional tasks; and as I tell my interns, although I’m a fulltime coach, I work part-time doing the following tasks.

Maintenance/Custodial — You’d be astonished the total amount of time that has to be spent daily cleaning and upkeep. Vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, and wiping down equipment, repairing projects, shoveling snow, taking out the garbage. This job never ends.

Weekly time spent 5-7 hours

Accountant — For a sole proprietorship, self-accounting and accounting are easy enough. I use Express Accounts Accounting Software, which is free for Mac users and allows me to track everything and prepare accounts for the tax year.

This saves a whole lot of cash instead of paying an accountant, but it does imply at the end of every month carrying a good chunk of time to sit down and document everything.

Understand, though, that in case you add employees or alternative avenues to your business, then you have to hire a professional to deal with this for you. Professionals that you thought you would not need such as IT consulting, are beneficial to ensure that your gym operations run smoothly. Weekly time spent on these professionals is 1-2 hours.

Advertising/Marketing — There are a whole lot of great articles on the PTDC that cover personal trainer marketing and advertisements, and it is even more important as you open your own place.

The thing with advertising and marketing is it is an everyday job. Whether social networking, emailing, writing, papers, public events, starting a fitness blog, or even videos. This facet of your company never ends so get used to it and be great at it. If you have the capital and are willing to spend additional money, spending on a gym marketing agency would greatly help you amidst all of the other tasks to be done.

Weekly time spent 6-8 hours

Secretary — you’re the owner of a business aka you are a big timer, but guess what, you’ll also be your own secretary. You are going to be spending hours taking calls, composing emails, scheduling meetings/sessions, and caring for paperwork.

Weekly time spent 4-6 hours

Overall you’re considering 16-23 extra, non-training hours per week you’ll be spending working on some other aspect of your business that is not coaching/training related.

4. Hours — When functioning as an assistant at a bigger health club, you never truly realize the crazy hours that go into a business, but you will quickly learn how difficult the hours can be.

You already know that personal trainers typically work when others aren’t, and that means you are taking a look at early to mid-morning (5am-10am), then you might have the middle of the days available before staying in the afternoon and into the night (4pm-9pm), and do not forget about weekends.

There are a few difficult issues for this, one being early mornings and late evenings on most days. Working late into the night just to be followed by waking up until the crack of dawn might put you back down quickly.

And of course, frequent weekend work can add an extra 8-10 hours of work on the weekends when most people get to enjoy downtime or social time.

In case you have a family or busy social life, this could take a beating when you start your own exercise facility. Moral of the story, be ready to devote a lot of hours, particularly at the beginning phases, working your tail off in the facility.

5. Network — here is a top secret for you — reach out to others who have gone through the process! Most are eager to provide you guidance and advice in this process. Plus they may provide you a few great “in the trenches” experience to help you prevent or create the best possible decisions. Having a fitness business consultant to help guide you through the process will be very beneficial for your newly formed business.

Things To Prepare Before Your Fitness Event

Are you looking for your next gym event ideas in order to get your club’s name out there and keep the members loyal to you?

When it comes to organizing a gym event it’s not just picking a date and telling people to be there. There is a lot more involved. Here are a few ideas to help you organize your next gym event:

Know Your Event Objectives And Goals

The first step here is to establish what your goal is. Do you know why you are having this event and what you are aiming to achieve? 

If you know the goals before you start planning then you can ensure that the event goes ahead with success. Are you trying to market your gym and gain potential customers? Are you trying to raise funds for new equipment?

Organize The A-Team

You will need more than just yourself to organize and handle the day’s events. Consider getting an event manager who knows how to help to organize the day and is able to utilize the venue well. If you are hiring a venue locally, say, in Hobart, it is advisable to hire someone local to manage your event at one of the conference venues in Hobart. Someone to handle the funds, people to help set-up is a must as well.

Your team needs to consist of 

  • Speakers
  • Entertainment
  • Food and drinks
  • Publicity
  • Sponsors
  • Venue management
  • Volunteer management

Assign different roles to the most well-suited people on your team. This creates a system of accountability and avoids tasks forgetting to be done. 

Setting The Date

Set a date. Be sure that you have considered that no other special days occur on this date where people might prefer to go to. Avoid school holiday times and religious dates. Allow yourself around 6 months to organize the event and get in touch with key participants. Talk to a list of possible venue managers. If you are in Hobart, consider the Henry Jones Art Hotel which offers a package deal together with your venue. Once you have the date you can book the venue and start the advertising as early as you can.

Branding The Event

If you want your event to be noticed then you will need to find what will set you apart from the competition. This means that you need to come up with a theme and a name for the event.

Now you need to create the tagline that is a short branding slogan that explains what the event is. Design your logo.  Your logic will be your branding tool. It needs to offer recognition of the event and needs to be included in your advertisements, invitations, emails, water bottles, bag, and any other promotional items.

Now, what if we see things from the perspective of a venue owner? Venue management for gym events needs to be well-planned. All things such as the cleaning team, food, the decor have to be thought out carefully. One thing that is frequently forgotten, however, is the IT side of things. Venue management requires software and web development to make sure everything runs smoothly. It is even advised to get an IT service company ready should you find problems with the technologies during the event.

Web Development For Venue Management

Venue management is where duties and activities are carried out that are related to operations at buildings such a concert hall, sports stadiums, conference centers and performance theatres.
You have a management person who is in charge of booking the event, the venues security, human resources administrative services. 

There will be a venue manager who will take care of business management. Your local venue managers will take care of bookings with the formal venues around Melbourne, communicate with artist managers and promote with entertainment professionals. They will manage client specifications for venue services and production elements. Financial management is a huge part of managing venues. The manager will contribute to planning, making the budget and reporting. Financial duties that are involved in the venue management are those including box office management and contract negotiations.

Venue management has responsibilities that relate to event production marketing and programming. There needs to be coordination and communication between the venue managers and the artist directors in order to produce such events. Venue managers need to have the skills in strategic planning, administrative duties, and staff supervision. They may be dealing with security, safety issues, venue, and building maintenance.

Event Management And Web Development

Web development for venue management requires software that can organize and execute events perfectly. Web development software will help to plan events, manage registrations, cloud backup services along with payments all in an easy to use interface. Servers are the central area where your customers can search for particular events and sign up for them. Reports will be generated for the event income for all of the events. You can save money and time on manual reporting for the generation processes.

Benefits Of Web Development For Venue Management

  • Reduces your mailing and printing costs for registrations and invitations for each event by allowing a central place on the internet for people to visit
  • Your audiences can be informed of any information related to the event
  • Provides each key member of your group to have access to the management statistics which will allow for better decision making
  • Save budget spending and time on manual reporting as you can automate to have an automatic delivery of financial reports sent to you

Web developments can become your biggest line item within the events budget. When the frequency or complications grow when the event grows which will see investment money lowering from the event, but it can be hard to keep up with innovation with so much to do.

You will feel an influence of streamlining in the web development if the rest of your technology is all in sync together. This is especially true in the event that you hire a conference room in Melbourne. As a venue that is dependent on the technologies working together to create a great experience for the guests, web development is imperative.

You can hire professionals to take care of web development for your venue management. However, this is where you are looking at the big bucks. By doing this yourself and using a web platform to create everything for you, you will ensure everything is on track without the huge loss of budget.

5 Options For Choosing The Gender Of Your Baby

If your residence is filled with all boys or all women, then perhaps, just perhaps, you daydream of having a baby of their opposite sex the next time you get pregnant.

And though there’s no way to ensure that your next child will be the gender of your choosing within Australia, there are a number of things you can do that may increase your odds of bringing a home a boy or a girl to balance out the gender ratios of your kids. If you are willing to travel overseas and have a bit of cash to splurge there are baby gender selection services that offer a more science-based alternative compared to these old wives tales.

Here are five ways that may help choose your child’s gender — 3 natural procedures and two that have the scientists engaged — and a few old wives’ stories which may not!

Food for thought

A nutritious diet is excellent for the body in any phase of life, and there is a school of thought which particular diets may up your likelihood of conceiving a specific gender.

Some study has discovered you may help raise the odds of having a girl by eating foods which are high in calcium and magnesium (such as spinach and yoghurt) and low in potassium and sodium. And although not clinically proven, you might also try eating more acidic meals (such as blueberries) to increase your chances.

If you wanting a boy, then research has discovered that having potassium-rich foods (such as bananas) may boost your odds. Or you may attempt foods that are reduced in calcium and magnesium, and therefore are somewhat more alkaline (such as orange and lemon juice) instead of acidic. And keep in mind, even if they don’t provide the sex you would enjoy, a wholesome diet isn’t a loss.

Timing is everything

If you are attempting to become pregnant, then odds are, you are timing sex to benefit from your fertile days. The Shettles Method takes this 1 step further and speaks about time sex to affect your bub’s sex.

In his novel ‘How to Choose the Sex of your Baby’,” Dr Landrum Shettles states that in the event that you have sex near if you are ovulating, you are more likely you are to have a boy since man sperm is bigger and quicker. For a girl, you must have sex only 2 to four times prior to ovulation, because female semen is slower to get to the egg.

Old wives’ tale: Talking of rapid male sperm, there is also the concept that if a guy drinks coffee before having sexual intercourse, he is prone to have a boy.

The joy of positions

As soon as you’ve figured out the best time for sex, you also need to figure out the best position.

Some consider that your sexual posture can affect the sex of your baby. The notion is that shallow penetration will place the sperm closer to the entrance of the vagina a more acidic environment, thus making it more likely it will be a girl. And if you are looking to get a boy, then deeper penetration puts semen closer to the cervix, providing the faster male sperm a head start towards the egg.

Sperm Sorting

Artificial insemination and sperm sorting are typical in farming, and a more recent technological process named Microsort Soft can be utilized to assist individuals to increase their likelihood of having a boy or girl.

The Micro Sort process divides sperm cells, dependent on the chromosome they are carrying. Therefore, if you are eager for a boy, then it forms for sperm carrying the Y chromosome, and in the event that you’d like a girl, then it forms for the X chromosome.

But, bear in mind the process can not be completed in Australia.

Screening time

But that is not all. PGD can also discover the gender of the embryo before it is implanted, with almost 100% precision. Although PGD cannot be used for sex selection in Australia, there are states where it is legal for couples to choose their child’s sex.

A contemporary mum’s narrative: Natural approaches are not guaranteed to affect the sex of your baby, no matter how the scientific procedures (particularly PGD) to provide parents with greater power of selection.

Simple reasons why you have to exercise

you need to exercise

Exercise is essential to keep up a healthy lifestyle and to prevent weight gain. For a healthier life, it should be included in your daily routine.

If you are carrying extra weight, then getting started  might not be easy. Exercise ought to be strategic. It is absolutely essential to your health and well-being for both body and mind!

There are several explanations for why exercise is essential for both body and mind. It reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels. It has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, improve brain health and help people learn and retain information better.

Yes, its benefits are innumerable in almost every aspect of life.