The Most Affordable Breast Surgery In Australia

Breast surgeons are cosmetic surgeons that were trained meticulously, in the same way, that every other specialty doctor had. Like any other doctor, it strives for a patient to be kept stable, concise and coherent after the surgery. Therefore, it is entitled to reasonable compensation.

While the average price for doing breast surgeries, depending on the client’s preference and condition, is around $6000 to $15000 (for breast augmentation in Australia), procedures vary. Cosmetic surgeons usually don’t publish their price, due to this reason. But since you have an idea of the average price, we can pretty confidently say that these are the most affordable breast surgeons in Australia:


At this studio, safety is always a priority. Cosmétique Surgeons are specifically trained for comprehensive cosmetic and breast augmentation. You will be attended by Australia’s most experienced surgeons at a very affordable rate of $5,990. This fee includes the private hospital you’ll be treated in, anesthetist, premium breast implants, experienced and highly skilled breast surgeons and follow-up appointments. Their multifaceted team of surgeons is dedicated to tailoring the best solution for you. Their products are of top range in which you’ll be tested for compatibility. The beauty of it is that they do the procedure in a licensed hospital followed up with comprehensive post-surgical aftercare services. With multiple clinics across Australia, including Perth and Brisbane, Cosmétique offers an array of cosmetic surgeries in addition to breast augmentation. 

  • Esteem Cosmetic Studio

Established in 2007, Esteem Cosmetic Studio provides cosmetic services, both surgical and non-surgical. It involves surgeons, medical practitioners and cosmetic nurses who specialize in a wide range of cosmetics procedures. Its branches, located in Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney offer breast implants and breast augmentation surgery. At $5800 all-inclusive in Sydney, and $5500 all-inclusive in Brisbane. This cost includes the surgeon’s fee, the private hospital theatre, bed fee and an anesthetist’s fee. There are two different breast implants: round and micro-textured or smooth implants. One of these will be used for your surgery. After the surgery, 4 post-surgical consultations will serve you as for a follow-up. If you prefer Anatomical implants, the cost becomes higher – at approximately  $6800. Motiva Implants are also available at $7800.

  • Inspire Cosmetics

For mums who may want to have a little transformation and lift, Inspire Cosmetics are offering abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction at a price starting at $19,900. That’s 3 procedures in one, which can help you achieve the dream of looking like yourself again after pregnancy. Beach body packages are also put together for those who wanted to enhance their beauty to their maximum potential! This and many more, including men’s needs, are brought to you by Inspire Cosmetics’ commitment to safety, affordability and quality work. Partnering with surgeons all around Australia helps them fulfil their aim of offering a standard rate for the most popular cosmetic surgeries that were way too expensive before. But, without lowering quality at all, Inspire Cosmetics and the Australian Health Department, are working together to let board-certified Australian surgeons do what they do best. Change people’s lives for the better. 

  • Your Breast

Want to be reassured of a quality outcome? How do 70 years of experience in breast augmentation sound to you? That’s what Your Breast is willing to commit to their clients. A group of well-trained, certified plastic surgeons enables patients to choose the best care for them and not just based on the price. While theirs may have a significant difference compared to the others costing their clients $6950 per procedure, it is yet within the affordable range knowing you are to be guided throughout everything. This price includes the plastic surgeon’s fee, anesthetist’s (general anesthesia) fee, top quality round implants, fully accredited and registered surgical facility to be operated in, comprehensive post-op care.