Unique Food Experiences in Australia

In some way or the other, we all are foodies. Some of us, have a sweet tooth, some love tanginess. But ultimately, good food pleases all. Countries and destinations nowadays are majorly known for their food, apart from their culture and practices. Australia as a place is one such destination. You have mesmerizing sceneries to enjoy, alongside tasty food. In fact, multiple food experiences along with top-notch scenic views are available in Australia that is obviously a match made in heaven. Here are some places that one must visit, to enjoy some unique food experiences at:

That Which Connects: Breakfast with the Koalas

Koalas are cool. They are also one of the most famous people (animals!) to visit and pay homage to whenever you are in Australia. Many sanctuaries and zoos at Australia provide you with services where you get to have some delicious breakfast with the cutest animals in the town! As in discussing the menu, it varies from English muffins to bacon and eggs, depending upon the place you choose. Some examples of such places are Bungalow Bay Koala Village, Wildlife Sydney Zoo, etc. 

Hahndorf Hill Winery: Crave-worthy! 

This place has been made by a person, who clearly knows what are the two top-most things that’ll make people fall for – wine and chocolates! Sitting in between the vineyards, one can have a heavenly day here having chocolates and wine along with beauty and the scenery of nature. 

Champagne breakfast in a HOT AIR BALLOON

Food in between the clouds! Enjoying the hot air balloons is one of the most sought after pastime for tourists and visitors in Australia. In fact, who won’t love to fly in the sky? And there are multiple locations to choose from like – Byron Bay, Canberra, etc. Hot Air Ballon services as Australia, now provide customers with a pleasant breakfast with a bottle of fine champagne to savour in between the skies. 

A Soothing Dinner: At Uluru – Sounds of Silence Dinner

This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In between the sandstone formations, that are also very much sacred, at Uluru, you can savour the best of food, relaxing amidst waterholes, and ancient paintings, while have a chilled wine served. This place is like, devouring a delicious past, while a guide will make sure to let you know about the beautiful constellations that are above you, beautifying the dark night sky. 

Conical Tramcar Restaurant: Tram-tastic!  

At Melbourne, these historic tramcars have been reconstructed now in such a way that, one can come in and savour good food here, with every modern comfort -while cruising down the suburbs and streets of this place. This is a very sought after place, where obviously, like every other dining areas, you’ll be served the best of magnificent wines. 

Phillip Island: An Aww Moment! 

Via a helicopter, reach Phillip Island and you can have a cute and personal moment with Penguins when they come ashore after a day swimming in the ocean. You can have a pleasant lunch in here, at the excellent restaurants on the island while enjoying unbeatable and unforgettable sceneries and of course – fascinating over the memories you made watching those cute penguins! 

Australia is, has and will always be a destination worth to enjoy – with the best of cuisines and experiences. So, the next time you visit Australia, do mind visiting some of these places for enjoying the best of food and making the best of memories. 

A Romantic Option In The South

If you are looking for romantic getaways in Tasmania, look no further than the Macq01 hotel in Hobart. This is also one of the greatest lunch spots in Hobart and has a vibrant feel to it. A great option for those who want a romantic and artsy feel! The restaurant is run by famous chefs and often features local produce.