That Perfect Tea Concoction for Your Taste buds

When it’s cold outside, a perfect drink of iced tea warm you up. This article gives you many recipes and ways of brewing the perfect tea. Usually, people that enjoy tea drinking add milk and sweeteners. While savouring the sweet taste, they don’t fail to notice the distinct aroma and flavour of their recipe.  Tea leaves have a range of benefits for men and women. Apart from boosting your mental alertness, drinking tea can help your body to recuperate faster after an ailment. We’ll share useful tea concoction recipes, suggested and recommended from various renowned tea houses, for every deserving taste bud.

How Do You Like Your Tea?

For Detoxification:The Detox tea drink has a proprietary blend of both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its ingredients combine to give a cooling concoction and a range of health benefits. Also, you can add ginger and turmeric to improve the concentration of anti-inflammatory properties.

To Enhance Blood Circulation: Lemongrass is one of the homemade herbal tea recipes for improving blood circulation. You’ll thank us later for this amazing secret. This plant is rich in both antifungals, anti-inflammatory properties. While recuperating from flu, drinking tea with lemongrass can expand your blood vessels for proper blood circulation. Additionally, this recipe is perfect for your taste buds; the herb contains antibacterial and anti-parasitic nutrients.

Spicy Tea leaves Aid Digestion: Kahwa is a special tea drink from Kashmir. It’s a unique drink that combines green tea extracts with concoctions like spices, and saffron. Also, you can add nuts to the tea recipe and increase your intake of dietary fibre. Generally, drinking the Kahwa can ease digestive ailments and boost and fluid retention in your body.

Sleep Aid: Your concoction might be simple or complex blends; it’s your taste buds’ priority that matters. Have you tried the herbal benefits of Chamomile tea? It’s a stress remedy that works for insomnia patients. As a caffeine-free type, Chamomile tea is rich in both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Also, Chamomile tea is a natural sedative that doesn’t need to be over-consumed before it induces good sleep.

To calm your nerves: Various concoction of teas are also well known to be a perfect companion for your break time. Many men and women now prefer to have tea, soon after their lunch breaks from work, or even while getting women’s nails done at the nail bar. This helps as a muscle relaxant which makes you more patient and enduring to any wait time or work pressure.

Calming the nerves

Other benefits of drinking tea with Chamomile flower petals are the effects of the plant’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from the taste, the aroma and tannins from Chamomile flower might relax blocked nasal passages of flu patients.

How to Brew Your Perfect Tea

According to research, antioxidants from tea leaves are immune boosters. Follow these steps to brew the perfect tea for your taste buds.

  • Use soft water because the minerals in hard water can make your tea unsafe for drinking. The last thing you want during tea drinking is to observe odours and tea scum. Also, you don’t need to pre-boil water before brewing your tea.
  • Different tea leaves might require specific temperatures and periods of brewing. However, we would focus on black tea (Assam) with this article. Don’t use polystyrene cups for tea drinking because they can deposit the flavour of their particles into your tea. Instead, use ceramic mugs and teaspoons to regulate the tea drink’s temperature.
  • You can drop either loose tea leaves or tea bags in the mug. Normally, two grams of loose tea leaves will bring more flavourful because of their raw texture. Black tea needs high temperature of water to trigger its infusion process. Start brewing when water is at its boiling point and allow for at least three minutes to get a perfect tea.
  • Add some drops of honey or teaspoon of sugar and milk (optional) to suit your taste buds. Ensure the heat of your tea stays between 60°C to 65°C degrees and enjoy.