5 Options For Choosing The Gender Of Your Baby

If your residence is filled with all boys or all women, then perhaps, just perhaps, you daydream of having a baby of their opposite sex the next time you get pregnant.

And though there’s no way to ensure that your next child will be the gender of your choosing within Australia, there are a number of things you can do that may increase your odds of bringing a home a boy or a girl to balance out the gender ratios of your kids. If you are willing to travel overseas and have a bit of cash to splurge there are baby gender selection services that offer a more science-based alternative compared to these old wives tales.

Here are five ways that may help choose your child’s gender — 3 natural procedures and two that have the scientists engaged — and a few old wives’ stories which may not!

Food for thought

A nutritious diet is excellent for the body in any phase of life, and there is a school of thought which particular diets may up your likelihood of conceiving a specific gender.

Some study has discovered you may help raise the odds of having a girl by eating foods which are high in calcium and magnesium (such as spinach and yoghurt) and low in potassium and sodium. And although not clinically proven, you might also try eating more acidic meals (such as blueberries) to increase your chances.

If you wanting a boy, then research has discovered that having potassium-rich foods (such as bananas) may boost your odds. Or you may attempt foods that are reduced in calcium and magnesium, and therefore are somewhat more alkaline (such as orange and lemon juice) instead of acidic. And keep in mind, even if they don’t provide the sex you would enjoy, a wholesome diet isn’t a loss.

Timing is everything

If you are attempting to become pregnant, then odds are, you are timing sex to benefit from your fertile days. The Shettles Method takes this 1 step further and speaks about time sex to affect your bub’s sex.

In his novel ‘How to Choose the Sex of your Baby’,” Dr Landrum Shettles states that in the event that you have sex near if you are ovulating, you are more likely you are to have a boy since man sperm is bigger and quicker. For a girl, you must have sex only 2 to four times prior to ovulation, because female semen is slower to get to the egg.

Old wives’ tale: Talking of rapid male sperm, there is also the concept that if a guy drinks coffee before having sexual intercourse, he is prone to have a boy.

The joy of positions

As soon as you’ve figured out the best time for sex, you also need to figure out the best position.

Some consider that your sexual posture can affect the sex of your baby. The notion is that shallow penetration will place the sperm closer to the entrance of the vagina a more acidic environment, thus making it more likely it will be a girl. And if you are looking to get a boy, then deeper penetration puts semen closer to the cervix, providing the faster male sperm a head start towards the egg.

Sperm Sorting

Artificial insemination and sperm sorting are typical in farming, and a more recent technological process named Microsort Soft can be utilized to assist individuals to increase their likelihood of having a boy or girl.

The Micro Sort process divides sperm cells, dependent on the chromosome they are carrying. Therefore, if you are eager for a boy, then it forms for sperm carrying the Y chromosome, and in the event that you’d like a girl, then it forms for the X chromosome.

But, bear in mind the process can not be completed in Australia.

Screening time

But that is not all. PGD can also discover the gender of the embryo before it is implanted, with almost 100% precision. Although PGD cannot be used for sex selection in Australia, there are states where it is legal for couples to choose their child’s sex.

A contemporary mum’s narrative: Natural approaches are not guaranteed to affect the sex of your baby, no matter how the scientific procedures (particularly PGD) to provide parents with greater power of selection.